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Lowes Racism- WillieHarris

October 20, 2007
I am an African American born in the South and raised in Mississippi until the age of 18
years. As many African Americans, I have been a victim of racism but mine continued in
the military and after and I intent to discuss. Note how many blacks are in the military in
the United States, and how many are generals? Look at the CEO's of fortune 500
companies in America, how many are African American?
Speaking of corporate American, I would like to share an experience with a well known r hardware and construction supply company, Lowe's. There are many African American
employees at Lowe's but racism is rampant. They are very few in upper management;
appearance in commercials is solely for marketing appeal. My company was employed as r service installers for the Lowe's company in Las Vegas. At the time of employ, I was the ! only black installer at Lowe's. The only other black installer had been terminated before " I was employed. He was terminated when he vocalized mistreatment during employment
by Lowe's. When I presented a challenge regarding the contracts that I was getting in
relation to those awarded to white contractors, I was terminated. Black's should take this
treatment into consideration before shopping at a Lowe's store. Note what kind of work
black employees are given! Lowe's is happy to take our money, but they aren't thinking
we have value to move up the corporate ladder. There are over 32 million African
Americans in the United States, we have the buying power to stop the discrimination at
Lowe's by pulling our consumer power out of support their racist policies. I am seeking
support from Legislators, the Black Caucus and Black journalists in this quest. Besides
my claims, there are law suits in Tennessee and Florida. I have spoke to Carolyn
Kilpatrick, the Chairperson of the Black Caucus and to John Conyar's office about Black
Caucus involvement and am trying to gain support with the Senate and Congress as well.
Lowe's holds government contracts and the Senate and Congress can pull the contracts
until the jurisdiction of Title 7. We as African Americans, put many dollars into this
economy, but we are the last hired and the first fired. Lowe's still practices racism,
without the guise of sheets and ropes and we can use the laws of this country to protect us
from racism. Just like in Jena, Louisiana, we have to fight back to let the power of our
people initiate change. I am proud to be African American and after I saw what can
happen as in Jena, great things can happen. This restored the faith of an older disabled .
Black veteran such as I, that when we group young and old together to undertake support
for a cause, things can happen. Fortune 500 companies need to take note and allow fair
advancement of all minorities including Blacks and women, based on performance and
not from being from the good old boys network. We could start with Lowe's, who has
that good old boys network who sponsors stock cars, which is one sport which has
succeeded in nearly completely keeping minorities of any kind in limited numbers. I am
asking that civic minded bloggers who believe in equality and equitable treatment for all
members of the working force and especially African Americans to join in on the boycott
of Lowe's to expose and eliminate their racist actions.

VA Regional Office
1201 Terminal Way
Reno NV 89502.3207
December 1, 2,005 t

Dear Mr. Harris:

This certifies that the records of the Department of Veterans Affairs shows that Willie D Hams
is rated at 100 percent for his service-connected honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces permanently and totally disabled due to service connected disabilities.
If you have any questions, call us toll-free by dialing 1. -800-827.1000. Our TDD number for the hearing impaired is call. please have this letter with you.

Sincerely yours,

Veterans Service Center Manager
Emal: us at
I certify that this is a true and correct copy of a document in the possession of Willie D. Harris

Robert Niblock, CEO
May 24, 2007

Dear Sir, Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself as the managing partner of a certified MinorityI business, who is qualified and a 100% disabled veteran. The name of business is H& W Installation, which has been a contracted provider for blind installation for Lowe's since its inception in 2005.

The other partner of my company, Darnell Harris has been both a witness and a victim of the following incidents of prejudicial treatment as well.

We are simply asking for the fulfillment of the verbal and documented contract with Angela
Tiegonowan your installment manager of Las Vegas, Nevada to be reviewed and investigated as
there has been a demonstrated violation of fairness and inequity based on her reiteration of the
one in three rotations for blind installations. We were further instructed that for every
measurement performed, upon purchase of the blinds, we would be afforded the installation. It
has been discovered that other "non-ethnic" companies like Windsor Vision has been getting one
or two jobs per week, which is all verifiable by review of the company records which may be , subpoenaed in future litigation. I will enclose a copy of the document that Angelo confirmed the 1 agreement of the 1 in 3 rotation for your perusal. It has also been understood and overheard in conversation and, I inquired of Angela why we were not getting work and that the number of installation had greatly decreased and, I was told that she did not have any work and, yet found out that another install had been hired. It seems that the other installers are steadily working, which is not the case for H & W Installation, and I cannot help but think that this falls into the category of racial discrimination practices currently in the place.

To discuss the issue, a meeting was set up by Angela Tieganowan on May 10,2007 to discuss
these concerns at the Lowe's store located on Craig and Jones in Las Vegas, Nevada. When my
partner/son and I arrived at the store, we announced our arrival and an assistant of Angela's
returned to inform us that her boss was in a meeting and we answered that we would wait to
speak to her, since she is the one who established that place and time of the meeting and we feel
the urgency of resolving our concerns. She left and returned saying that she was designated to
speak with us and, my son Darnell began to explain that our jobs had all but disappeared and yet Caucasian installers were being kept busy with jobs and we also shared that we felt this
definitely had "racial" undertones. If you add to the designation of disabled veteran status, I felt
that there were other support groups who would be ready and willing to support recognition and distaste over such prejudices. I explained that I would like to speak with Angela directly, since
she had scheduled this meeting, we were sitting on the bench when Angela came out and walked up to me and my son.

There were shoppers in the immediate vicinity when Angela spoke saying that she was giving us a 30 day notice canceling our contract. There was a surprised look on the shoppers face witnessing what should have been a professional and confidential discussion due
to the nature of what was being imparted. The entire discourse could be reviewed on store
cameras on the May 10,2007 tape for validation of this exchange. Angela continued to
disregard the propriety of disclosing such information as other customers were looking on and
yet, at no time did I ever disrespect her and when she was finished, I asked her to respond to why she disrespected me in front of people who had no right to be in earshot of such a conversation?, I asked her if she could come outside and respect my privacy, before she could start another inappropriate exchange? I asked her to treat me with the respect that any human being, a white or African American deserves to receive in a business conversation.

All of this should be at least visually verifiable on a store tape of this day. All of the records and documentation of the assignment distribution and rotation of the installers will be available and mandated for review in the adjudication of my case. I have come to find in discussion with other African-American employees that I am not the only Black individual having problems with working relationships with Angela. I had hoped to stay away from initiating a Civil Rights violation lawsuit, but I feel that if I do not take a stand, these discriminatory practices will continue. I know that full termination is coming and this is further affirmation that racism is alive and well in Lowe's company practices at least and hopefully not in policy, if this were the case I would institute a claim for constructive discharge based on Title VII #139 documenting a situation "when harassment is so gregarious or intolerable that quitting is a fitting response", Pennsylvania state Police vs. Suders, 542U.S 129 (2004). At no time did I ever ask for something for nothing, I only was asking for fair treatment and for the rotation that Angela herself afflrmed in a memo. I don't want to be misused, abused or intimidated because I am black or disrespected due to the color of my skin. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. both lost their lives after spending dedicated efforts to diffuse this kind of treatment for individuals promised equality under the rights of our country.

Lowe's is a large corporate entity with a respected community presence, and has large patronage by blacks and other minorities all of whom would join with the news media to avidly back such incidence of racial discrimination. It is interesting that a meeting called by Angela was not a priority to her and when interrupted to speak with us, following my inquiry about prejudicial treatment of black versus white installer scheduling, the threat of termination immediately followed my questions. This is exactly the reason, for years many black people kept their mouths closed and were afraid to confront a corporate presence, but believe me, I am not one of them. I know racism when I see it and having experience it before, it is quite evident and obvious in this situation.

I wanted to bring this to your attention to see if you support these policies and to receive a response to the type of treatment imparted by Lowe's employee public with a witness. I believe that I am the only black installation company in Las Vegas and I feel that I have been disadvantaged and hope that you will immediately investigate and stop further incidences of this nature.

Please note the enclosed memo from Angela she tries to diffuse the loss of work, mentioning my financial situation which as no place in company documentation since she would have no personal knowledge of what that is. As well, our company was the only installation company that proudly wore Lowe's shirts during installation until a newly issued memo refreshed the necessity for requirement, since my bringing to Angle's attention. Is someone trying to cover themselves in this inquiry? You, sir will have to make that judgment yourself.


To: Willie D. Harris From:
Las Vegas Local Office
Las Vegas, NV 89101

On behalf of person(s) aggrieved whose identity is
CONFIDENTIAL (29 CFR §1601.7(a))
EEOC Charge No. EEOC Representative Telephone No.

D The facts alleged in the charge fail to state a claim under any of the statutes enforced by the EEOC.
D Your allegations did not involve a disability as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act.
The Respondent employs less than the required number of employees or is not otherwise covered by the statutes.
Your charge was not timely filed with EEOC; in other words, you waited too long after the date(s) of the alleged discrimination to file your
Having been given 30 days in which to respond, you failed to provide information, failed to appear or be available for interviews conferences, or otherwise failed to cooperate to the extent that it was not possible to resolve your charge.
While reasonable efforts were made to locate you, we were not able to do so.
You were given 30 days to accept a reasonable settlement offer that affords full relief for the harm you alleged.

The EEOC issues the following determination: Based on its investigation, the EEOC is unable to conclude that the information obtained establishes violations of the statutes. This does not certify that the respondent IS In compliance with the statutes. No finding is made as to any other issues that might be construed as having been raised by this charge. The EEOC has adopted the findings of the state or local fair employment practices agency that investigated this charge.
Other (briefly state) No jurisdiction
(See the additional information attached to this form.)
Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and/or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act: This will be the only notice of dismissal and of your right to sue that we will send you. You may file a lawsuit against the respondent(s) under federal law based on this charge in federal or state court. Your lawsuit must be filed WITHIN 90 DAYS of your receipt of this notice; or your right to sue based on this charge will be lost. (The time limit for filing suit based on a state claim may be different.)
Equal Pay Act (EPA): EPA suits must be filed in federal or state court within 2 years (3 years for willful violations) of the alleged EPA underpayment. This means that backpay due for any violations that occurred more than 2 years (3 years) before you file suit may not be collectible.

On behalf of ti)'e CommissiOrI
UiIt/, VI" 6fl SEP 28 2007
Enclosures(s) y V. Orta, (Date Mailed)
cc: Robert Niblock
Chief Executive Officer
Home Improvement Center
P.O. Box 1111
N Wilkesboro, NC 28656

Lowe's Discrimination Complaints
ABC News Covers Ameriquest
Our Countrywide On August 28 2003 we filed discrimination complaints Mortgage
Home Loans ." .
Investigation with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity "
ommlsslon on e a 0 elg presen an ormer Hurricane Victims
Class Action Lawsuit employees of the Lowe's home improvement store in Winter
hed against North Haven, Florida. The individuals, who are all African-American, EMC Mortgage:
Sore Agency, Inc.
IIdttf0Ido 0 0t" 0t"dFEIa ege a pa ern 0 racla Iscrlmlna Ion In promo Ions an ormer mpoyees
AllttIjob assignments by managers. In sworn affidavits, the black CONTACT us HERE
sa e nsurance " "
Scoring Settlement employees described how less-qualified and less-experienced "
A dhOtI.dt"thtthhdLife Settlements:
pprove W I e emp oyees receive promo Ions a ey a SENIORS BEWARE
requested. Several of our clients stated they trained white Florida Supreme employees who were then promoted ahead of them. Our
Court rules for our " 0 ore gency.
clients in check clients also stated they were forced to clean store Former Employees
cashing cases bathrooms, a duty they did not see assigned to their white CONTACT us HERE co-workers. If you have information about racial
discrimination at the Lowe's store in Winter Haven or at Safeco Homeowners
another location, please contact us by filling out the form
below. Waste Management,
Inc. Price Increases
'CJ Florida Sentinel-Bulletin -Bias Complaint Filed Against
Home Improvement Store
'CJ Sample Exhibits from the EEOC Complaints
eJ News Radio 970WFLA -Discrimination complaints filed
against Lowe's (Windows Media Audio)
0j WTSP Channel 10 -EEOC complaints filed against Lowe's
(Windows Media Video)
'CJ More coverage of the EEOC complaints filed against
James Hoyer Contact Form
Your Name: (required) I
E-Mail Address: (required) ISearch the Web on
http://www .jameshoyer .com/problem_lowes.html 10/5/2007

Lowe's Companies, Inc. Sued for Race Discrimination Page 1 of 2 The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Katharine W. Kores, Regional Attorney
(901) 544-1051
March 24, 2004 Faye Williams, Supervisory Trial Attorney (901) 544-0088
Deidre Smith Senior Trial Attorney
(901) 544-0140
TTY: (901) 544-0112
EEOC Litigation Says Home Improvement Giant Rejected Qualified Black Job Applicants
MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced the filing of a
race discrimination lawsuit under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act against Lowe's Companies, Inc., doing
business as Lowe's Home Center's Inc. The suit charges the world's second largest home improvement retailer with failing to hire a class of qualified African American applicants due to their race at its Reload Distribution Center in
Vonore, Tenn.
The EEOC's lawsuit, Civil Action No. 3-04-CV-133, in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee,
Knoxville Division, charges that Curtis Carter, Tiffany Carter, and a class of African Americans, all qualified
applicants, were denied positions in Lowe's Reload Distribution Center between 2002 and 2003 because of their
race. The EEOC filed suit after exhausting its conciliation efforts to reach a voluntary pre-litigation settlement. The lawsuit asks the court to order the company to provide back pay, interest on back pay, compensatory damages for emotional and psychological harm, and punitive damages.
Katharine Kores, Regional Attorney for the EEOC's Memphis District Office, said, "Hiring decisions based on race are clearly illegal. One of the important reasons for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was to eradicate this
type of discrimination. Unfortunately, as we approach the 40th anniversary of Title VII this July, there is much work that remains to be done as evidenced by cases like this one."
In addition to being a leading global home improvement company, Lowe's, headquartered in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, is the 14th largest retailer in the United States. It employs more than 130,000 people and sells a complete line of home improvement products and equipment. The company serves more than seven million do-it-yourself and commercial business customers each week through 875 stores in 45 states.
The site at issue, Lowe's Reload Distribution Center, services more than 139 Lowe's Home Improvement Center
Stores. The stores rely on the Distribution Center to supply and re-supply more than 100 sale items such as
assorted lumber products, plumbing supplies, and other bulky items. As of March 2003, the Reload Distribution
Center employed 43 employees.
EEOC enforces Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race,
color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment or pregnancy) or national origin, and protects employees who complain about such offenses from retaliation; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which protects workers
age 40 and older from discrimination based on age; the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which prohibits gender-based wage discrimination; the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibits employment discrimination against people with disabilities in the federal sector; Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits employment discrimination against people with disabilities in the private sector and state and local governments; and sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Further information about the Commission is available on the agency's web site at 10/5/2007

March 25, 2004
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said yesterday that it was suing Lowe's Companies Inc., the home- improvement retailer, for discrimination against black job applicants at a Lowe's distribution center. The
commission's lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in Knoxville, Tenn., accuses Lowe's with failing to hire a
class of qualified African-American applicants because of their race. The complaint says the discrimination occurred
from 2002 to 2003 at a distribution facility inVonore, about 15 miles south of Knoxville. A Lowe's spokeswoman
said the company, which is based in Mooresville, N.C., had not seen the lawsuit but was aware of a news release
from the commission. "Lowe's does have a deep commitment to diversity," the Lowe's spokeswoman, Chris Ahearn,
said. The commission said the lawsuit came after settlement efforts failed, and its seeks back pay with interest, compensatory damages and punitive damages.
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Article published Oct 4, 2007
Discrimination lawsuit against Lowe's set for trial
Bulletin Staff Writer
A federal gender discrimination lawsuit against Lowe's is set for trial in February.
In May, Leanna Juarez filed the lawsuit against Lowe's Home Centers Inc. alleging the company discriminated against her based on her gender.
She is asking for a declaration that she was subjected to unlawful discriminatory practices, back pay, compensatory and punitive damages, attorney's fees and other prosecuting costs, according to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Arkansas.
Juarez was working at Lowe's in Texas and accepted a transfer to work as a sales manager at Mountain Home's new store in December 2005, according to the complaint.
Juarez was the only female in management at the store. She alleged she was systematically excluded from management meetings and duties that fell in her position were given to men in management.
She complained about the treatment to the store manager, operations manager, two human resource managers and a set-up manager, and alleges she was assigned to unload an insulation truck without assistance because of her complaints,
according to the lawsuit.
Juarez also was assigned to close the store four nights each week so male managers could fraternize after hours, she
As a result of the alleged treatment, Juarez volunteered to step down to a cabinet specialist, a non-management position, but management told her they would not consider it, according to the complaint. She was injured on the job in May 2006 and was restricted to light duty. A district manager asked her to step down to cabinet specialist and she declined.
About a month later, Juarez, who did not have other job plans, notified management she would be leaving in two weeks. Management officials asked her to work three weeks, and she agreed. The next day, the store manager told her she was relieved of her duties and she was escorted from the store, according to the complaint. Earlier that month, a male cabinet specialist gave his notice he would be working for a local competitor and was allowed to work out his notice and was not escorted from the store, according to the complaint.
In July, Juarez filed a complaint with Lowe's corporate office but no action was taken, she alleged in the lawsuit.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the claim, was unable to find a violation with the given information and did not make a finding, but allowed Juarez to file a lawsuit, according to an EEOC dismissal and notice of
rights letter sent to Juarez in January.
Lowe's Home Centers Inc. denied the allegations and asked for the complaint to be dismissed.
The company stated Juarez resigned voluntarily and was given a two-week severance pay. The company also stated it has a corporate complaint procedure that allows employees to report harassment, including on the basis of sex. Lowe's stated that Juarez did not report those aliegations under the policy and that the complaint is frivolous.

Lowe's Home Centers with contracts

5441 Kietzke Lane 1 Second Floor 1 Reno, Nevada 89511 Telephone (775) 327-3000 1 Facsimile (775) 786-6179
Direct: (775) 327-3000
May 31,2007
Via FederalExpress
Mr. Willie Harris
1931 Gold Hill Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
Re: Independent Investigation -Lowe's

Dear Mr. Harris

It was a pleasure to speak with you yesterday. As I communicated to you, Lowe's has
asked me to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations and concerns you have brought forward, and I am in the process of doing so. At the conclusion of my investigation, I will make findings and recommendations to Lowe's, and Lowe's will take appropriate action to resolve this matter based on my findings and recommendations.
Truthfulness and Cooperation, I will continue to interview you as part of the investigation process. I ask for your full cooperation with this investigation and expect that you will be absolutely truthful in your interactions with me. Even minor inconsistencies in your answers can affect the investigation and hinder my ability to assess the truth. I greatly appreciate your cooperation to date.
Chronology of events In order to assist me with .the investigation, please prepare a detailed chronology of the events surrounding your allegations. This detailed chronology of events should include identification and/or production of all relevant documents, and identification of all persons (along with contact information) who may have witnessed a particular event. Specifically, please follow these guidelines in preparing the chronology:
1. For each and every event, describe what happened (please provide as much detail as possible), using your best recollection of exact words, actions and conduct. If you cannot recall exact words or actions, indicate this, and explain the gist/substance of what you recall that was said/done? For each event, please also give dates and times.
2. For each event, identify any supporting documentation. If you have supporting documentation in your possession or control please produce a copy with your response.

LAS VEGAS OFFICE: 3930 Howard Hughes Parkway I Fourth Floor 1 Las Vegas. Nevada 891691 Phone (702) 222-2500 1 Facsimile (702) 365-6940
CARSON CITY OFFICE: 777 East William Street 1 Suite 200 1 Carson City. Nevada 897011 Phone (775) 684-6000 1 Facsimile (775) 684-6001

June 4, 2007
Dora Lane, Esq.
Hale Lane
5441 Kietzke Lane (Second Floor)
Reno, Nevada 89511

Dear Ms. Lane,

While in the process of coordinating the requested paperwork, I did want to document an incident that took place today so that you would have it for your records.
You asked me not to talk to anyone from Lowe's and I therefore responsibly wanted to document a call that was received. Today. I received a telephone call from Angela Tregonowan from Store 1033 at 11: 15 a.m. from a telephone line identified on my caller ill as 702-458-4297. Initially, Angela stated that the purpose of her call was to ask about an error that was made on the measurement of a blind, I replied that the store had made a mistake on the paperwork regarding that same blind which was discussed with Installed Sales Manager Johnathon Flores on the phone and in a document dated May 30, 2007. In this document which referenced PO# 37340546 regarding a supposed error of measurement discussion and proof has already been submitted through that inquiry. In a pursuant discussion, we pulled the measurement in question and pointed out that the error was in the interpretation of the paperwork and that the measurement on the documentation reflected correct measurements by H & W Installation.

That document will be provided for your reference. Today is June 4, I do not believe that Angela had any intention of discussing this blind since it had already been resolved with Mr. Flores, rather I believe Angela sought an opportunity to introduce communication and make an implied threat and act of intimidation following the correspondence that I had sent terminating our service and noting the possibility of future adjudication.

Paraphrasing the conversation, which was on a speaker in the witness of someone, the identity of whom is not known, I will share my perceptions. In the course of the conversation, Angela stated that a measurement error had been made on blinds and that she wanted us to pay for it.

I thought this interesting as the usual manner in which these issues are handled is via documentation evidenced by the letter of Johnathon Flores. This is what made me greatly suspicious of her true intention and motive. Then she requested paperwork of other completed jobs so that she could get us paid, to which I replied the paperwork was in process and would be forthcoming from my son and partner, Darnell Harris. At this point in time, I informed Angela that I did not want further discussion with her due to the prior conversation in which I was embarrassed and humiliated in a public setting on May the 10th. Her reply, "Mr. Harris I have Michael Day, Mario Watson and your son Darnell on store video trying to embarrass me". I found this interesting that this was the first time I had ever received any issue or complaint and as managing partner I should have been the fIrst to be made aware of any employee issues. I can only believe that attack being the best defense, evidence and self-protect mode is in process by Ms. Tieganowan as I had never been informed of any such video taped anger issues and
therefore could not have resolved or dealt with those issues. She further stated that Darnell was on tape in store 1863 throwing a temper tantrum and this was in the incident on May lO in which we had asked her to talk to us outside out of public eye and she twisted the fact by stating that "she had invited us to take the discussion outside". I immediately challenged and reminded her that the discussion began inside, I took deference to her redressing in front of customers and I was the one who asked her to step outside and continue the discussion. If a temper tantrum was witnessed it was in response to the embarrassing and prejudicial remarks that had been initiated by Angela Tieganowan in front of customers inside of the store.

Hopefully that same tape will be reviewed to catch what she said to us and in what company before we stepped outside. Directly following my restatement of the situation, the modulation of Angela's voice changed when she threatened "I suggest Mr. Harris, that you do not take this situation any further". My immediate response was "are you trying to intimidate me or scare me, if you are--it will not work!" To which my reply was greeted with a stone cold silence. I added" there is no one in the Lowe's organization including her, her supervisor or the CEO that I would be afraid of in defense of my civil and individual rights as granted through both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Having never before heard of the afore mentioned incidents by Michael, Mario and Darnell, I was totally taken back when she directly contradicted her written documentation of our continuing contract of one in three job rotation when she stated that following their "temper tantrums" she had demoted us. There is no record of any such incidents ever being noted in a document or conversation prior to today and this was reaction to my implied litigation and not a demonstrated concern over our professionalism. If it were, wouldn't it be logical that I as the negotiator of the contract and being operations manager be so notified. I believe this was presented today not as a history of performance or to note such incidents, rather as an act of intimidation. I have the goods on you as it were, so you have better back off. Ms. Lane this kind of tactic has the opposite effect on me and I am ready to take her and the entire Company on, in defense of my rights and beliefs.

Directly following this telephone call, I telephoned Jon Wingert, Installed Sales Director to discuss the intimidation tactics of his employee Angela Tieganowan. I repeated the entire conversation and his response was that "he would get in touch with Lowe's staff lawyer and report her actions". After hearing the allegations and words that Angela spoke, he stated that she should have never made such a call under the current circumstances.
I wanted to document these calls and provide them for your perusal while they are fresh
in my mind and before any additional such calls are received. Please advise me if
you have any additional advice or questions regarding any of the above issues.

Willie Harris
Dora Lane Attorney at Law 5441 Kietzke Lane Second Floor Reno, Nevada 89511 . June 4, 2007 Dear Dora Lane, Esquire:
I am submitting some of the requested information for your immediate investigation. Store 1863, Glenda Patterson has information regarding some of the assignments and practices of Ms. Tieganowan. Store 784 install sales and home decor, ask for Gina or Brian, have had previously spoken to Gina and while having some concern over the security of her job following speaking, perhaps discussion with Gina and Brian will add additional information to your investigations. I have personal knowledge that Gina sent an e-mail to Angela about Window Vision as Angela shared that memo with Will, the owner and Brian. Both are afraid of what talking make have on their job security, I am hoping that you can assure that honesty is what is being sought and adequate protection will be given for sharing the truth in this situation. There seems to be an interesting connection in a business relationship between Will and Angela as it seems as though he can do no wrong and yet it is known that his company has resisted wearing Lowe's T-shirts, submits the paperwork late and has received no known written redress from Angela.
Store personnel in install sales and home decor will confirm that my company is the only one that has consistently wore the "required" Lowe's t-shirt or uniform. Yet we have been informed that our rating in 97% and Window Vision has gotten 100% while refusing to wear the uniform until a recent memo re-confirmed the requirement. Another witness, James Bulah. Is the a black installer that Angela fired. I will notify you if other witnesses come to mind, my son Darnell has of course been a party to some of the incidents. Another former employee Michael Day is a witness to some of the scheduling and measurement irregularities.

The employee that was sent back and forth with the messages from Angela on the May 10 incident was Chusteen Howard, Manager of the 1863 store and was a first hand witness of that incident. Once again, the freedom with which the Lowe's employees speak will be directly related to the assurance that you can give of objectivity and a true search for truth without possibility of retribution for information shared. Thank you once again and please feel free to direct any additional questions to me directly. Sincerely, Willie Harris Managing partner, H&W Installation j j Angela Tieganowan May 7, 2007 Several days ago, I called you and asked for a meeting with you for the reason of not getting many jobs from you, maybe one or two faxes a week. We are doing everything that we can do a good job for your company. Darnell told me that he got a 99% rating and that he always wears the company shirt on the jobs. It has come to our attention that Darnell was the only one to wear company shirts regularly in the performance of installation jobs but very few have been coming our way since December 2006. Are we doing something wrong? If so, could you please let me know? Could you call me? Willie Harris H& W Installation , Angela Tieganowan Lowe's, Las Vegas, Nevada May 24, 2007 Dear Angela, I am writing to inform you that I am holding Lowe's in violation of our operating agreement of a one in three installation rotation as well as of the verbal agreement that installation would follow any measurements made by my company when blinds were purchased. I am taking the opportunity to reaffirm your disclosure that the decline of job assignments was the reason of our disappearing work assignments and note the non- disclosure of the fact that another installation company had already been hired and that fact alone would negate your memo that described the rotation.
Your disregard of a prompt appearance in a meeting that you scheduled on May 10, 2007 where your participation came only following handling by an assistant that was not accepted and therefore you came out to redress us publicly in full witness of other customers. The meeting had been scheduled two days in advance and your possession of both me and my son's cell phone numbers gave you ample time to cancel or reschedule, which is further indication of your continuing disregard of our presence as a valued business associate. Is this indicative of treatment of Caucasian installers as well or further validation of your prejudicial practices. At this time you also terminated my company in a non-confidential setting and then retracted it when I mentioned the possibility of prejudicial or racially determined practices. Power sometimes gives one J changing loyalties, but human rights are not to be denied. Under this premise I am J exercising my rights to institute a constructive discharge under the Supreme Court case 1. Pennsylvania State Police vs Suders, 542 U. S. 129 (2004) under Title VII #139, which defines "when the harassment is so egregarious or intolerable that quitting is a fitting response and no affirmative defense is available". Please note that assigned jobs for May 26, 2007 will not be fulfilled due to the above stated circumstances and be hereby notified that additional litigation may be pursuant.
Willie Harris
H& W Installation

Page 1 of3 : Treganowan, Angela ~ Angela C , ; - From: Treganowan, Angela. Angela C : Sent: Friday, May 11, 20073:56 PM To: Poynor, Sandra -Sandra A; Wingert, Jon -Jon W; Voegele, Rodney. Rodney F Subject: Notice of rotation to H & W installations! this is what was faxed Mr.Willie~ Your scores for the last 6 weeks were 7 surveys and 97.1 was your scoring. In light of your financial situation I have moved you to four stores close to each other in order to help you save on gas. You have mentioned that you feel the customers are prejudice towards your company. In the event you feel " uncomfortable with a customer order please politely remove your self from the home and contact me by Email: as you can view the stores yon are now in are ; 1863-1836-0784-1639. Please take note that at this time you are on a 1 of3 or 1 of 4 rotations. Please be ! aware that customer ~complaints at store-c level also are used when settling~ rotations. Although as the Area : Install Manager for Las Vegas it is my goal to grow your company with Lowe's Companies, Inc. as we grow i our stores. However, please refer to your contract section 14.

Section 14: It is understood that no promises or representations whatsoever have been made as to the potential number of jobs that may be available at any time during the term of the Contract. Lowe's may offer jobs described in this Contract to other installers and Installer may accept jobs including those type described herein from: other parties. Installer represents and warrants that it has not incurred and does ; not intend to incur any expense of additional peon-ea. facilities, equipment, or government authorization to I practice its trade on reliance upon or in anticipation of receiving jobs from Lowe's. and that the .: Lowe's shall not be obligated for any expense incurred by Installer in connection with any increase in the number of Installer's employees or expenditures made by the Installer for additional facilities, equipment, or ! government authorization to practice its trade.

Your contract was accepted in place on February 22, 2006. All contracts are for periods of 1 year please refer to section 15 of your contract. At this time Lowe's Companies, Inc. and H&W installation are in an at will contract that can be terminated by either party at any time giving each other a 30 day notice unless : either party is in breach, at which time contract is terminated immediately.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to email me or contact me at 702- 646-3626